A Winter Road Trip To Vermont

When you close your eyes and picture a winter wonderland, you probably picture miles upon miles of serenity, snow covered coniferous forests, tangerine sunsets, and covered bridges. That’s exactly how Vermont is in the winter! As someone who yearns for winter (I know, I know – I’m weird), I knew our trip to Vermont in New England would be that perfect snowy escape I was looking for. For our first stop in Vermont, we had an unforgettable stay at a cute cottage, which left us feeling like we had stepped into a magical world we had only dreamt about.

The classic town, the well maintained older homes and buildings, interesting little niche shops, the friendly folks, and an overall sense of peacefulness in the air made it hard for us to leave. We enjoy a scenic tour of the countryside and stepped back in time into the romance of covered bridges. Very few historic landmarks can invoke a feeling of nostalgia than covered bridges on country roads. Boasting a quirky character and timeless appeal, Vermont is home to more than 100 beautiful covered bridges. We happened to see one of the stunning bright red bridges covered in glistening white snow and truly it was a charmer and a little romantic, too.

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As soon as we pulled up to our little cottage in the middle of the snowy forest, I knew I had found my heaven. That heaven continued as we entered the bedroom, since the bed faced a glorious window that gave us an unobstructed view of the snow covered trees and pink sunset surrounding us. Our day trip to Waterbury was the perfect escape from the bustling city of Burlington. The colorful houses and cute shops all made the city feel so romantic, especially covered in a blanket of snow. I can only imagine how lively the old town must get in the summer and fall.

About an hour outside of Vermont laid a charming town full of history, culture, art, and something that puts all the hearts in my eyes~ Ice-Cream! A vacation in Vermont is complete without a stop at the Ben and Jerry’s in Waterbury. Located in the beautiful town of Waterbury, the Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour was just how we anticipated it- short, sweet, and informative. We saw a company history “moo-vie,” and took a tour of the production room to learn about the manufacturing process. And then the best was saved for the last: visiting the “Flavoroom” where we tried out the Flavor of the Day!

After lunch Abhi and I decided to do some exploring. The snow had held off for most of the day, but after lunch it finally began to snow. The falling snow made the town really charming and peaceful. Each building is a different pastel color, which popped in the snow covered village. When you picture a quaint village, Waterbury is exactly what comes to mind. It all felt so new yet so familiar thanks to my own daydreams.

After a good night’s sleep in the remote cottage, we woke up to a freshly cooked breakfast of eggs, fruit, and bread with some rich hot chocolate. Abhi and I did not want to leave and we could have easily spent another one to two nights there exploring more of what the area had to offer. This experience was certainly one we could not wait to share with our readers since it was so adventurous, luxurious, blissful, and unique. Even as I write this blog post, I find myself missing Vermont. I guess we’ll just have to go back!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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