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“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”

You’ll find me celebrating life with mugs of coffee, pretty flowers, and oodles of sunshine all year round. Because one day is too little and every single day needs to be full of love, snatched kisses, and lot of smiles. My smile is not only my best accessory, but it is also something I am known for. It isn’t something I just do when I’m happy, but it literally is a way for me to therapeutically zoom through life. Therefore, I’m super amused to be partnering with Smile Brilliant to share how their products helped me obtain a whiter and brighter everyday smile!

I’m a tea lovin’, coffee sippin’ girl and both of these are primary reasons of teeth staining. Also I have a slightly crooked front tooth, which makes it difficult to clean like the rest. The stains on my teeth had been a source of insecurity for some time, and I really wanted to make an effort in getting it done. I’ve never been a big fan of over-the-counter tooth whitening products and they were somewhat messy to use and the DIY teeth whitening at home strategies of salt and baking soda didn’t help either.

From caring about dental hygiene to the color and appearance of them, I have always been conscious of my teeth. So when I started noticing the years of coffee and tea drinking showing up on my teeth I was bothered about it. I started to consider the in-office teeth whitening very seriously when I received an email from Smile Brilliant offering to provide a Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for review on my blog. So, I was truly excited as this concept was so different from in-office whitening and teeth whitening strips. I received the kit with all the materials to create my own custom fit whitening trays.

The kit included:

When I first got the kit, I had to first make the molds of my upper and lower teeth so that Smile Brilliant can make my custom fit trays. I think this is what made the process so remarkable because it really helped in making the whitening experience so much better! Honestly, I was really anxious about making my own molds, but it definitely was not as hard as I expected it to be.

First I mixed together one container of the blue base paste and one container of the gray catalyst. Then I placed the mix evenly into one of the trays, placed the tray into my mouth and pressed it into the teeth, making sure to hold it firmly in place. I made the molds for the top and bottom sets of teeth one at a time. Once I had the molds ready, I placed them into the pre-paid return envelope and send them off to Smile Brilliant! Within a week, they sent my personal, custom whitening trays. The custom teeth trays came in a really nice white, plastic case.

I started and continued the teeth-whitening process for almost a month. I used it every alternate night for 40 minutes while creating content for my blog or while leisurely watching TV. All I had to do was put the gel on the trays and place them over my teeth. How much easier can teeth whitening at home get! Furthermore, I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort, but I still used the de-sensitizing gel each time after using the whitening gel.

My teeth before using Smile Brilliant had some discoloration, especially in between my teeth. It was really hard to whiten in between my teeth using other whitening products, but the custom trays were actually able to get the whitening gel in there! I knew the whitening process was working as hubby claimed one day that my teeth really look bright and white. After the first couple of sessions, I did start to see a difference. After a month now, I am confident about my smile like never before. I really enjoyed my teeth whitening sessions while working on my blog as I got my radiant and luminous smile back.


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This post has been sponsored by SMILE BRILLIANT. All opinions here, however, are my own.

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2 thoughts on “At Home Teeth Whitening With Smile Brilliant

  • Maureen

    Yes, I am a coffee lover and those stains are terrible but wow, those are really awesome results! I love that you can take a mold of your teeth to really make it personalized for you. A lot of the times the strips that I buy also cannot get in between the teeth, these are fantastic for being able to do that. Love your smile! 😍 Happy Friday friends and wishing you a wonderful weekend!