Boho Chic- What Is Bohemian Style And How To Style It?

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Boho Chic, the most versatile of trends, with its roots firmly in the free bohemian lifestyle, is one the most endearingly popular looks, and it’s easy to see why. With an almost unlimited number of ways to stamp your own character on the style, the boho chic look suits almost everyone. What I like the most about modern boho chic style is the way it’s blended with modern styles, accessories, and luxe fabrics.

Since the aura of this fashion style is to express ourselves as a free person, you really need to wear something that gives you a perfect comfort, confidence, and individuality. Following or copying outfits from iconic bohemian stars are useless and pretty much denying the spirit of the style itself, so start to develop your own way of looking at fashion. It’s true that bohemian style may be described as a trend with certain looks to follow, but above all, the style is really all about following your own inspirations.

Use your best creativity and imagination in mixing and matching your outfits. Explore pieces in your wardrobe and pair each of them tastefully. For example, try pairing your lovely white pleated-midi skirt with a retro crop top and denim vest, as well as sneakers and floral hair-crown for a touch of feminine-sporty combination. Or you may try matching your white sheer skirt with biker jacket, ankle-length boots, and beaded cross-body bag for the youthful fabulous look.

Signature Elements For Bohemian Outfits

The bohemian outfits and style are grounded in the idea that you have the freedom to layer and combine different items of clothing to reflect your unique character. The emphasis is firmly on the wide use of free-flowing designs with light floaty fabrics. The base layer often features a spaghetti top, vest top or little stretch tee. The peasant look is the quintessential boho chic style, including long cheesecloth skirts, kaftan-style dresses, and tunic-styled blouses with voluminous sleeves.

Best Fabrics For Boho Clothing 

In keeping with the natural earth-loving ethos, natural materials are the fabric of choice for the boho chic trend. Light cottons, cool linens and natural hemp are all good alternatives, as well as fabrics which emphasize the ethereal look, including chiffon, lace, and silk. The semi-natural appearance of faux fur adds even more to the atmosphere, and of course, leather and suede are fabulous options for coats and jackets, shoes and boots, and accessories such as belts and bags. 

Color Palette For The Boho Chic Look

The emphasis on a natural look also has its impact on the main color palette for most bohemian and boho chic outfits. Autumnal earth tones such as deep browns, rich tan and charcoal black are all present, with cool neutrals like delicate beige and taupe, chalky white and soft cream making an appearance too. But that doesn’t mean brighter colors are left out altogether. Adding a touch of brilliance with a hat or scarf can make a real statement, as well as giving more impact to the natural contrast of the other tones.

Best Patterns For Boho Clothing

The defining feature of boho clothing is layering. You’ll be wearing a combination of different clothing items, with an emphasis on the overall layered effect, rather than drawing attention to one particular article. This means you need to choose clothes that mix and match well, without one item standing out. Moreover, while choosing plain fabrics make sure your patterns are small and subtle.

Accessories For The Boho Chic Look

Boho jewelry is intended to be noticed, so aim for big and bold but with a natural feel. Carefully chosen items such as belts, scarves and hats, can make the world of difference to your overall look. Materials such as metals, leather, beads and ceramics are all important elements to the boho style. A scarf can be tied at the neck, draped over the shoulders, or used as an impromptu belt. And nothing looks greater with a loose cheesecloth or chiffon sundress than a wide-brimmed sunhat.

The bohemian style refers to a fashion trend that is individual, romantic, feminine, with free-spirited hearth that combine with all funky elements and exotic zing of fashion in a rugged and effortless way.  Most importantly, dressing in Bohemian style is actually all about finding out who you are and what you like that allows you to experiment, take risks, and have fun in fashion. Basically, a Bohemian is a person who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person. With this style, you are truly permitted to be daring with glam, glitter and rock, or infuse some ethnic-inspired details with all tribal, vintage and retro vibes.

Stay free spirited, stay boho

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