Our First Christmas At Home

This is my second Christmas in the United States, but the past year passed by in a jiffy. Even before I could take in all the decorations and learn about the holiday traditions it was over. December was the time when we moved to Cincinnati last year. It was a hectic time as we were busy settling down and figuring out things in the new city. We did manage to see the famous holiday lights at the Cincinnati Zoo and the city decked up in Christmas decor. But this year we didn’t hold back and got home our very first Christmas tree. YESS!! You heard it right!! We were planning on this for quite some time but we weren’t too sure about it until the day we got it home. To start off we got an artificial 6 ft Balsam Fir Christmas tree as we didn’t want to risk getting a real one until we know how to take proper care of it.I heard that real ones are high maintenance and they need to be watered continuously.

We were super excited to decorate our tree and somehow finished decorating it overnight. We were exhausted but too anxious to see the results once the lights are on. Believe you me, the feeling is just MAGICAL. Our very own Christmas sitting pretty and spreading out its branches with twinkling lights and giving out warm Christmasy vibes. Ah it’s the kind of Christmas we always dreamt about but never had it. I never mentioned but Abhi sensed it (like he always does) that I wanted to bring home a Christmas tree and want to celebrate it at home like in the movies. May be he too secretly wished for it but he is always too shy to accept it.

Well since this was our first proper Christmas celebration, we didn’t want to goof it up. So we took suggestions and hints from our colleagues, neighbors, friends, and ofcouse pinterest about how to decorate it.We wanted to keep it simple but colorful as we both love bright vivid beautiful colors. Our ornaments included beautiful and sparkly snowflakes, golden baubles, multi-colored gift bows, red-golden garlands, pine-cones, a giant red Christmas bow, and super sparkly Star tree-topper. Not to mention the multi colored Christmas string lights to lit up the tree.

We kept decorating it and adding more ornaments as quite evidently we weren’t getting over with it too soon. We got a special ornament as a gift; an antique ceramic “flying pig” ornament that signifies Cincinnati. We were thinking of getting a keepsake ornament that would remind us of our first Christmas in CINCINNATI. We added cute notes to the base to the tree as it gave us all the holiday feels. Gifts and goodies from friends and workplace found place at the bottom of the tree alongside several artificial teacup candles and an apple cider scented candle. Brainstorming for ideas to decorate the house for Christmas is too much fun.

The thing we love to do the most nowadays is sit beside the tree with a cups of hot cocoa and adore it while watching the snow or rain incessantly falling outside. What more can we ask for when we can curl up and watch Christmas movies while having fluffy marshmallows, pretzels, gingerbread cookies, and some good ol’ caramel popcorn. This is my Christmas right out of the movies with the man of my dreams! Our Christmas debut couldn’t have been any better.

To set the mood right we also got our flannel plaid pajamas as part of of the common Christmas traditions here. Love the fact that how everyone happily braces the traditions and flaunts them during this time of the year. We too didn’t shy away from wearing plaids and prints that screams Christmas. Do you know about a trend called the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and that December 15th is celebrated as “National Ugly Sweater Day”?  Well it’s nothing but sweaters with comically large depictions of snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees, and any sort of Christmas themed decorations.We have got ours as we got invited to several ugly-sweater themed Christmas parties and we did attend a few.

Well, we can go on and on describing Christmas as we are overwhelmed with happiness being able to make most out of it this year. December is going to get over soon and there’s the happy new year already peeping at us. We hope everyone is having a great time at this wonderful time of the year. Happiness comes from within but sometimes all you need is a Christmas tree to live a dream. This Christmas and our first Christmas tree will always be cherished by us in our hearts.

To all our dear readers, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ho Ho Ho

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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