A Frozen Weekend in Cleveland

Ohio is confusing us with the weather conditions. It was already spring when it started to snow again. We heard about the lake effect snow by the Great Lakes and we were excited to witness it firsthand. Lake-effect snow is produced when a cold air mass freezes the lake water and deposits on the shores.

Abhi and I decided to take a weekend trip to Cleveland, where ice waves were creating stunning art on the shores of frozen Lake Erie. As always, we did our research well, so we already knew which spots we wanted to visit to and which restaurants to dine at. Cleveland is a gorgeous city and there are piers and lighthouses in a close radius, making the skyline quite epic from wherever you are.

Walking along the Lake Erie was a treat. The boats, birds, and vistas were breathtakingly beautiful. There are many who would only want to visit Cleveland in the pleasant weather, but we felt otherwise. It is unique to witness the lake when it is raging and everything is frozen as far as your eyes can see. At this point, you feel the true power of the great lake! We even dared to go for a walk when the air was ice-cold and gusty winds froze our noses; anything for the mesmerizing views.

We visited Brandywine Falls the next morning, just after a mild snowfall. The sound was magnificent and the boardwalk leading down to the falls was dramatic, snow-clad, and inviting. The views from both the upper and lower platforms were amazing. This was a beautiful stop that would bring us back to the Cuyahoga Valley again. This was absolutely one of our favorite trails, Brandywine happens to be a calm and tranquil area surrounded by some small farms. The waterfall was picturesque and the icicles added more drama to the surroundings. A large waterfall and the trail to get to it had stunning overlooks of the gorge along the way. There are wooden steps, bridges, and over looks and one can imagine how beautiful it will be in the fall.

Cleveland surprised us with how chilly it can get in the winter especially due to the frozen Lake Erie. Despite how cold it was during the day, we still found so much to explore in Cleveland. We spent our final day in Cleveland hiking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. After exploring the cute little Blue Hen Falls and Brecksville Reservation amidst recurring snow showers, it was time to say goodbye to Cleveland. Although our trip there was short, I have a feeling we will be back again someday.

There’s so much to see and explore in Cleveland and Lake Erie Shores & Islands! It is an ideal getaway for those who love to enjoy lazy days at the beach, or fishing with friends, bicycling around an island, or exciting thrills like roller coasters, waterslides, and parasailing. What an unusual and adventurous trip this has been to the frozen Cleveland!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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