A Day Trip To The Roaring Cumberland Falls

The past few weeks, we have been MIA in our travel front. Work, photo-shoots, and a new venture together are taking up all our time. More on that later! Last weekend Abhi and I got the chance to explore Cumberland Falls at Kentucky for a day and we had so much fun soaking in its beauty. 

Starting with a short walk on one of the trails, we discovered spectacular sandstone bluffs, the beauty of wildflowers nestled beneath towering hemlocks, and the gentle sound of water lapping against moss-covered rocks. We paused for a moment and listened for the musical song of a wood thrush and noticed the changing patterns of light on the forest floor. While at Cumberland Falls, we yet again got a chance to discover our special bond with nature.

We could hear the roaring waterfall from the parking lot. A short hike through the thick woods and there it was flowing in its full vigor; Cumberland Falls. Also known as the“Niagara of the South” this wide and roaring waterfall is an amazing spot where we have spent a little bit of time while enjoying the best views.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is built along the Cumberland River with plenty of views of the waterfall. The waterfall, 125′ wide and nearly 50′ tall, an enormous amount of water spills over the ledge even on the driest of days. The roar can be heard for about a mile up and down the river along one of the many hiking trails in the park.

For those who do not enjoy the hiking part, can directly walk for 5 minutes from the parking lot to the visitor center. We took a small hiking trail to reach the visitor center and got on the Moonbow Trail. Just a few minutes’ walk along the trail got us to a scenic overlook at the top of the waterfall. Oh what a fabulous view it was at the top of the falls!

The Moonbow is a spectacular lunar event visitors to the park can experience during the full moons throughout the year. Rainbows are created when sunlight is refracted through water molecules in the atmosphere, creating a colorful spectrum of light across the sky. But did you know during special events throughout the year that same effect caused by moonlight? The spectacular Moonbow event at Cumberland is one of the few places in the world with a predictable timetable to see a colorful spectrum of light long after the sun has set.

Day trips are a good excuse to go somewhere out of the norm. While deciding on a location, we stumbled upon a beautiful picture of Cumberland on Instagram. That very moment, we knew, we will be exploring it soon. We drove near about 3 and half hours to reach Corbin, Kentucky where Cumberland Falls is located. The park features an Upper and Lower Overlooks to view the waterfall, a beautiful trail called the Moonbow Trail that runs along the river, hiking trails, horseback riding, cabins for rent, a gorgeous lodge, and camping. The park is certainly designed to keep you busy for a day, a weekend, or even an entire week.

The Moonbow is a special event surrounding the full moon each month throughout the year. The event begins about 2-3 days before the actual full moon and lasts until 2-3 days after. Not only do you have to choose the right day to visit, but you need to choose the right time as well. The Moonbow is strongest when the moon is lowest in the sky. As it was just a day trip for us, we decided to keep the Moonbow viewing experience for our next visit to the Cumberland Falls.

The Moonbow Trail is a lengthy one to hike, but the good part is that it’s only about 1/2 mile from the visitor center to the overlook. We completed the 1-mile round trip in about 30 minutes while walking at a leisure pace and enjoying the tranquility there. The roar of the waterfall was loud, although it faded the further away we got. The moment we returned to your car and closed the doors the deafening silence surrounded us and we finally realized how loud the waterfall actually was. Ignoring the air conditioning; we rolled the windows down and enjoyed the air and roar while we still could.

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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