One Day At The Desert Botanical Garden, Arizona

One weekend (my first weekend in US) Abhi and I visited the Desert Botanical Garden during our stay in Phoenix. So much beauty in the desert; acres and acres of desert bliss. We weren’t quite sure what to expect because gardens can go either way, beautiful or lacking and boring. This was worth the money even though it was summer time. In the evening the garden was lit with lights and luminaries which gave an amazing date night ambience.

It’s an utterly amazing place that stuns you with the beauty and wonder of the desert and educates as well. We chose to let our route find us and what we encountered were plenty of Cacti of course! But that’s not it; the lush and well maintained gardens showcase various desert landscapes including several scenic vistas of the surrounding mountains and cityscape. We went on a lot of trails and each one specialized in different desert delights like Sonoran Dessert plants and cacti. One of the trails leads a nice elevation up and there’s a lookout area that gives you a great view over the area. We must have spent hours walking around in a euphoric daze. This place makes you forget about everything outside of it.

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix remains one of the best options to experience the beauty and wonder of the Sonoran Desert. Conveniently located in the center of Papago Park, the gardens are open early for cooler weather and scenic views. We went hiking on several trails and got amazed by the art sculptures placed all around that are perfect additions to the desert landscape. Sit by a water feature and listen to the sound it makes while you relax and enjoy the scenery. The garden was filled with the smell of desert flowers, more cacti that I ever knew existed, a few furry friends, bunnies, birds and butterflies. Perfect lights and cool breeze made it a wonderful day for discovering the beauty of nature.

As soon as the sun went down I was completely mesmerized by the light display. It was like Christmas in the desert with angelic music playing in the background and the mountain lit up like a tree. This is a place you can go back to again and again without ever feeling like you’ve seen it all. As we both enjoy nature trails, this was like a desert paradise. We absolutely loved it as we got a great workout while adoring the desert uniqueness. A Sunday well-spent along with pretty pictures to relive the desert delights!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥

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