Our Escape to Anna Maria Island, Florida

If you follow along with us on Instagram, you probably saw that we recently took a mini vacation to Florida.  We both have been wanting to go for quite a while now and this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. Florida is 15 hours of drive from Cincinnati, and it was definitely the perfect (extended) weekend getaway. The morning of our trip we threw some clothes, sunglasses and our camera in a bag and hit the road. Hours of drive, car singalongs and laugh attacks later, we arrived in Florida!

Thanks to AirBnB, we stayed in one of the most beautiful homes just five minutes from downtown. When we first walked into the house, we were taken back by the beautiful view from the living room straight through to the yard with a cute patio swing, and surrounded by palm trees. This place was seriously a dream. It was the perfect way for us to unwind and take it easy.

For day one in Florida, we spent the morning relaxing at home, where we enjoyed a nice buffet breakfast. We then drove over to the beautiful island, which is considered one of the most serene beaches in Florida. The white sand next to the crystal clear emerald water is stunning. It was very less touristy (we were literally all alone on the beach for quite some time).

Anna Maria is a tiny little island and it’s seriously like something out of the movies where you see someone stranded on a beautiful island. There is literally nothing but pearly white sand, CRYSTAL clear waters, few palm trees, and tons of shells… and it was beautiful (one of my favorite islands for sure). The waves were calm and we could just float and relax in the water. I am sure the island can get busy sometimes, but thankfully we pretty much had the beach all to ourselves that afternoon.

The beach itself is absolutely stunning and all you need to do is just find a chair or lay in a hammock and enjoy. Our ideal vacation includes more of the off-the-beaten path route where we feel secluded and can have an adventure. We never like being around a bunch of other tourists doing the same old typical touristy things. So if we were to do it again, we would love to go back and spend an entire weekend only in Anna Maria Island.

From the moment we landed, we spent our entire day lounging on the beach reading, eating, and drinking tropical drinks. Every now and then we would get up out of the shade and mosey on down to the water to bury our toes in the wet sand. You kind of can’t beat lazy days in the sand and sometimes they are just totally needed.

Abhi and I were completely amazed with the views, crystal clear water, and breezy weather of the pristine island. We loved how quaint everything felt and the amazing view of the pier just added to our delight. We soaked in the calm of the day and watched the sunset together. The color of the sun reflecting on the water was just pure magic.

It’s only been a few days since we returned home from our escape to Anna Maria Island, but Abhi and I are still dreaming of our delightful time there! We couldn’t have our Thanksgiving weekend any other way. From the pristine blue waters to the never-ending sips of coconut water, our visit was so perfect that we are already looking into another trip!

I wore this red dress with floral crown headband because it was such a beautiful and hot day and it was perfect for staying cute and cool.  I got a lot of compliments throughout the day on this look so I felt extra good wearing it. Hope you enjoyed reading about our Day 1 in Florida…stay tuned for more!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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