Fall Pumpkin Patch

October is one of the best times of the year; the beautiful colors, cooler weather, heartier meals, Halloween and of course fall clothes. We have been trying to get out as much as possible and enjoy the fall in between jobs, grocery shopping-s, and naps. Abhi & I have always been waiting to go to a pumpkin patch ever since! I wanted to go to a big, beautiful field and pick a big orange pumpkin and cut it right from the vines. In Cincinnati, there are a bunch of pumpkin patches and it was almost impossible to zero in on the perfect one. And it ended up being a little outside of Cincinnati, on the countryside.

Autumn is upon us and Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is slowly sneaking up on us, and now that there is cooler weather in the forecast it’s the perfect time to grab my man and head out to the pumpkin patch! Here in Cincinnati, we are lucky enough to be within a hop, skip, and a jump from some of the best pumpkin patches in Ohio! Whether you have little ones or are just a kid at heart, many of the local pumpkin patches are packing in the entertainment and turning up the fun, making them the perfect place to spend an autumn day. From corn mazes and live country music to scarecrow contests, and barbeque, there’s something for everyone.

On Sunday, Abhi and I scheduled some time to go to a pumpkin patch! It was so much fun we even got lost in a corn maze. When putting together my pumpkin patch outfit I knew I wanted rich fall colors so I opted for a multicolored poncho. I knew I wanted something rich in brown, purple or burgundy and the poncho fit the bill perfectly. A pumpkin patch is not a clean place so I opted for a pair of boots that I knew could handle the dirt and could also keep my feet warm. Overall my look was pumpkin patch appropriate, comfy.

A poncho sweater is one of the comfiest pieces for fall. Growing up, I remember wearing woolen ponchos made by my mom and aunt. It’s funny to remember how mom used to dress me up so stylishly even when I was little. So how to wear a poncho sweater? I’ve seen a lot of fashionistas wear long sleeve shirts underneath them. You can really play with patterns and colors that way. For me, it was not too cold that day so I just wore a white tee shirt underneath for extra comfort. On the bottom, stick with something slim to balance out the top. I went with my favorite white skinny jeans.

Poncho sweaters will make you feel like you’re wearing the coziest blanket. Styling a poncho sweater can also be overwhelming. Try slightly tucking the front of your sweater into your jeans or belting it to create some shape. If a poncho sweater makes you feel short, pair it with tall suede booties, or classic pumps to create the illusion of longer legs.

When we were driving to the pumpkin patch, I jumped with joy on seeing a field full of sunflowers. One thing I wanted to do was run through the flowers and click beautiful pictures. We basically just got out in the countryside to have a nice chilled afternoon. We researched what sort of places that fit this criterion around where we live and we found a really cute looking place not far from us, so we took a drive over there. It was really fun just to go somewhere we hadn’t before. Even though it was only about an hour from our house it felt like we were going on a little adventure. 

This magical place is located right outside of Cincinnati along the countryside. It’s a secret sunflower field and it is truly a showstopper.  Actually, it’s not that much of a secret anymore. Now that it has become a pop-up tourist spot for locals here in Ohio. With a place as gorgeous and radiant as this, it’s no surprise it is gaining so much attention.  I am glad people are coming from all over to see it because I think more people need to get outside and appreciate the awesomeness of nature.  Plus it is a great place to take photos and make memories. 

When we got to the pumpkin patch, we were really surprised at how big it was and how many people were wandering around choosing pumpkins. There were loads of other things to look at as well like autumn craft stalls & a food cart where you could get warm doughnuts and pumpkin soup. We had so much fun just wandering around and looking at everything especially the different colored pumpkins and patterned vegetables. We also decided to wander round patch and maze they had there. Although most people were going around with their kids, we found it so much fun! It was also obviously a pretty autumnal backdrop for some outfit of the day photos so I didn’t miss my opportunity there.  

Pack a picnic lunch, and get out there and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
Happy Fall Ya’ll

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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