Finding Our Calm In The Chaos!! 2

This past week has been the epitome of rest and relaxation. Ever since we traveled to New Hampshire for Christmas, we have been thinking about the pace of life we had last year. So we took a week off and spent it at home; it was slow, steady, comfy and we had all the time in the world. The past year has been a whirlwind of adventures, projects, meetings, travel, and life. And while we wouldn’t change a minute of our lives so far, we do like a slow pace of life, every now and then. 

And that’s exactly what we decided to do wrap up 2017. We watched our favorite TV shows, back to back movies, ate out A LOT, face timed our families and then did a whole lot of absolutely nothing. We have no New Year resolutions or goals for the year and are quite happy with the path we are walking on. Moreover, we cannot wait to discover what new adventures and lessons 2018 holds for us. 

Our family and close friends have been the readers of the blog and they know a lot about us. For those of you who have recently started following us, we thought it will be a good time to introduce ourselves in a fresh new way. To know more about us, do please take some time to read our About page. To learn more about our eccentricities and current musings, continue reading. 


  • My current passion is – can I say blogging? I am always thinking about ideas to write about and post.
  • My current wishlist is an Alaskan Northern Lights tour!
  • My eyes twinkle when I talk about food or travel. I love trying new food joints and cuisines and visiting new places.
  • Currently in my playlist – Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding, Let Me Love You by Bieber, and If I’m Lucky by Jason Derulo!
  • A big movie buff and a sucker for hard-core romantic ones.
  • Love reality TV shows, current favorite Bigg Boss (I’m weird that way).
  • As much as I like the movies, I will not be the one watching “Conjuring” with you. I just can’t take horror. Call me chicken or anything.
  • Not a fan of gym equipment. You will rarely see me on a treadmill or elliptical. I prefer YOGA, stretching or floor exercises.
  • My comfort food is Butter Chicken, all the creamy deep flavors are yummmm!!
  • Baking is therapy for me. Nothing says home like the smell of baking!!
  • I can never say no to a good dark chocolate, chocolate pretzels or cupcakes.
  • I love tea; a cup of green tea to start my day and a chai in the evening.
  • I love to read when I am by myself; not necessarily a novel, it can be anything that catches my interest.
  • I truly believe and follow that spontaneity breeds serendipity. Every day is a different day – a bake day, a movie day, a grocery day, a hike day, or a drive day. I make every day my day, and my cute hubby always plays along.


  • I am the typical ‘Instagram husband’ as you may say.
  • My current passion is farm-to-table gardening.
  • My favorite summer time activity is hiking.
  • Currently in my playlist- Tip Toe by Durelo, Rockstar by Post Malone, and Closer by Chainsmokers.
  • I love my long drives and capturing the landscapes along the way.
  • I love to take pictures of my PRETTY wife (ok SUCHI bribed me to write this) 😉
  • My comfort food is Hyderabadi Dum Biryani (wifey makes the best version of it, see recipe here)
  • Used to like watching action movies, but now I have to watch the romantic ones (you already know why)
  • Religiously follow my exercise regime and spend most of my time at the elliptical.
  • Can go on listening to my favorite song track for umpteen numbers of times at one go.
  • I’m a fan of healthy eating and tend to always watch my weight.
  • A little intolerant to dairy products.
  • Love the mountains more than the beaches.
  • Stay away from hustle-bustle, and find peace in serenity of nature.

We wish all of you lots of love and peace for 2018. And thank you all for being such loyal friends and awesome readers! Two Weekend Wanderers wouldn’t exist without any of you.

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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2 thoughts on “Finding Our Calm In The Chaos!!

  • Maureen

    Hey friends, I finally made it to your blog! 😀 Sorry it took me some time but I am here now. I am still floundering like a fish out of water but I am slowly getting the hang of blogging. This is such a fun post and I love reading and getting to know you guys a little bit more. I love the slower, quieter pace of life too. It gives me time to reflect and appreciate life. My son is currently sick so this has forced me to slow down and to be honest, I couldn’t be more happier. I hope you guys were able to rest and relax over the weekend and hope your week is off to a great start!

    • Two Weekend Wanderers Post author

      Hi Maureen,
      So glad to know your views on our blog. It means a lot. I hope your little one is better now. We totally relate to what you said and it has been really refreshing to take a little time off from social media too. We hope you continue to enjoy reading Weekend Wanderers – we will look forward to seeing your comments on our posts 🙂