BIRTHDAY! Goodbye 29, And Hello 30! 3

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since my last blog post as I took a much needed little break. These days, it seems social media takes over everyone’s lives and I’m guilty of it too. Keeping some things private and being cautious not to over-share is something I want to continue doing. Being in the moment with the person I am without social media being on my mind. So one of my birthday wishes would be to cherish “offline” moments.

As a kid, I never had a dull birthday all thanks to my parents. It was the way they woke me with extra hugs and kisses reserved for this day. The entire day’s menu mom prepared according to the birthday girl’s list of favorites. And now I am blessed with a hubby who makes sure that my birthdays are even more special. So I have never stopped being childish about waiting for this day eagerly all the year round! 

I enjoy this day in the feeling that a lot many people would be remembering me today. Since I love having a birthday so much, I try my best on never missing to wish friends, relatives and close acquaintances on theirs. I might not reach out to many of these otherwise for months or even years.

I am not very fond of gloomy birthdays. Be it my own or of a dear one. It could just be a simple homemade delicacy or a bunch of balloons mounted on the living room wall; a small bouquet or a plain greeting card. I believe there should be some amount of fuss about birthdays. I am the happiest person if a little deed would brighten someone’s special day. After all, birthday is all about being pampered as being ‘The Person of the Day!’

Happy birthday to me!

♥ Suchi ♥

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