Hike to the Horseshoe Falls

By now you must have known that Abhi and I are nature explorers and we love to go for hikes. Last weekend was no different as we figured out a picturesque location to walk around and take pictures. Winter is not at its peak but the cold days are not over yet, so we had to dress up in a lot of layers. We are early risers and weekends are no exceptions, which is why we were up and ready for the hike quite early in the morning.

It was an hour long drive with the sunrise views and glistening lakes after which we reached the Horseshoe Falls at Caesar Creek State Park. What we were anticipating to see were some rare fossils, a stream, a waterfall, lake views, a historic mill site, and a lakeside trail. The Horseshoe Fall is one of the hidden areas of Caesar Creek State Park and for some reason, this amazing natural feature is off the radar for most folks. On our way to the waterfall, we walked alongside clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, and steep ravines.

The highlight of the day for us was the swinging bridge over the stream that fed the waterfall.  After a mile-long walk and crossing the bridge, we reached the overlook to see the gorgeous Horseshoe Fall gush down. As the water was low, we could also explore the area around the falls, and reveled in the fact that we were probably the only people there.  What a great place to have a seat and eat a packed lunch, while basking in the winter sun. From that point we headed back the way that we came, knowing at that point we would be coming back.

Adventure is everywhere; all you need to do is FIND IT!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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