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Plush mansions, pristine aura, and pretty landscape all around are what encompass the Jupiter Island. We’ll be honest that Jupiter Island was never at the top of our Florida itinerary. It’s not that we didn’t want to visit the island; it’s just that we did not know much about it. Boy we’re kicking ourselves now! We only had one day in Jupiter Island, but now we’re wishing we had several days more to explore the gorgeous island. Jupiter Island is an elegant Eden that has preserved its aura behind a veil of hedges and banyan trees.

As we drove under the tree canopies, we caught ourselves imagining living in one of those beautiful houses. Not only is each house is a brilliantly-landscaped heaven, but also full of character and charm. Before our visit, we didn’t understand what truly encompass an island paradise. It was easy to see that right away on stepping on the island. Jupiter Island looked like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, especially all the old banyan trees and picture perfect canopy walkways to the serene beaches. I kept remarking to Abhi that I felt like I had stepped into a storybook and that we were the naive young prince and princess in love frolicking about.

No wonder why celebrities like Tiger Woods, Celine Dion, Greg Norman, Alan Jackson have their winter homes in Jupiter Island. The discreet island boasts of finely manicured hedgerows, broken by shaded driveways with small house signs the only clue to the elegance that lies beyond. There’s barely any traffic, just the occasional patrol car to ensure the security of the slender island’s privileged residents. The neighborhood is not cluttered with retail establishments or hotels or condos. All you can see are scenic beachfront roads with trees lined on both sides of the roads thus forming wonderful canopies. And it goes on for mile after mile along Jupiter Island on Florida’s coast.

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We traveled from Orlando to see the famous Blowing Rocks Preserve with the unique craggy limestone shore. The coastline along Jupiter Island has unusual outcroppings of coquina rocks that look like they belong in Maine. During the right conditions, the craggy rocks create sensational splashes of water as high as 50ft that earned the name Blowing Rocks. The preserve, managed by the Nature Conservancy, is as wild and natural as a beach can get. There are hardly any signs pointing to it, so the spectacular beach feels like a personal secret. We strolled along the shoreline for miles with no condos, no signs and rarely another person in sight.

But that’s not all, Jupiter Island is a getaway full of exceptional recreational opportunities: spectacular beaches, snorkeling from shore, a picturesque lighthouse, one of the best kayaking rivers in Florida and several outstanding places to bicycle both on paved trails and through the woods. The result is an environment that is bursting with flora and fauna, and a haven for wildlife.

What made our visit to the Jupiter Island special were the sensory experiences that are unleashed the moment we stepped foot on the island. The huge splashes of waves, the unique shoreline of limestone, and the rich flora and fauna persuaded us to stay a little while longer. The serene sunsets gave us the perfect tranquility, and the azure water seems to be there just to provide us with an excuse to take a dip in temperate waters that made our heart sing. So many sensations in one short stay – that’s how Jupiter made us fall in love with itself!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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2 thoughts on “Jupiter Island “A Tropical Paradise”

  • Maureen

    I have never heard of Jupiter Island but how gorgeous! It looked like a great getaway from all the chaos – just so serene and peaceful. Nature at it’s best! Love the blue outfit Suchi. You guys are picture perfect!

    • Two Weekend Wanderers Post author

      Hi Maureen! Thanks so much for writing back and letting us know about it. So happy that you enjoyed our post and the pictures! Jupiter Island is an amazing place to visit for a few days – hope you get there soon 🙂