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There’s something naturally poetic and romantic that comes out whenever I don the perfect dress. This blue dress caught my eye the moment I saw it. From the eye-catching blue to the crochet waist detail, I felt like myself the minute I put it on. Beautiful destinations are one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Dressing with a tropical beach in mind is a sure fire way to nail a perfect summer look. Moreover, there is nothing better than simply being barefoot in the sand while at the beach.

Abhi and I recently had the good luck to take a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a long weekend. It took me a bit to determine the perfect list of beach vacation clothes I wanted to take with me. Traveling to a balmy beach destination is so much easier than packing for cold-weather climates. One of my favorite summer dresses that I packed is this chic maxi dress. I added this dress (under $70) from Forever 21 to my collection and can already tell it will be on repeat this season. I especially love the bright blue, a color that always reads ‘beach vacation’ to me.

To add attention to the solid sun dress, I thought wearing a lace crop top would be ideal. A white crop top is one of my favorites for summer since it’s feminine and versatile. Moreover, I love the way it pairs with the summer dresses for a classy effect. Top it off with a sun hat, sunglasses, and sandals, and all that’s missing is the ticket to an island getaway.

I love the styling options a maxi dress can give. It can be totally casual and easy, or dressed up a bit for a ceremonial event. It all depends on the accessories, makeup, and how the hair is styled. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they are a hassle-free one piece solution. Like most outfits, I don’t have to be bothered about much, except for the accessories.

With this dress, I didn’t want to wear a belt, so I added a cropped vest to create definition at my waist. To me, a ponytail or messy bun paired with simple charms and flat sandals is the ideal unfussy way to wear it to a beach. For date night I would go with wedges, style my hair down, and find some statement earrings to dress it up a bit more.

The solid color of this cotton maxi dress makes it versatile as I can wear in the springtime for lunch get-togethers, late night dates as well as weekend hangouts. This woven maxi dress features an ornate crochet knit top with straps, and a tiered skirt with crochet trims in between. This pretty blue dress is undeniably not just a beachwear essential but also my spring and summer essential.

Stylish Beachwear

The thing I look for in chic beachwear is the choice to wear it on and off the beach. I like an outfit that can effortlessly switch from walking along the beach to sipping cocktails in a local beach-side restaurant. Those who doesn’t prefer a dress can opt for flowy, lightweight tops that can be paired with shorts. I personally prefer vibrant colors at beach destinations, but those who aren’t fond of bright colors can opt for neutrals like white, navy, tank, or khaki.

Beach Shoes

My shoe essentials for a beach vacation would include a pair of tennis shoes, flat sandals, and a pair of heels or wedges. As I am tall, I prefer wearing flats most of the time. Also because flat sandals can be worn with bathing suits, shorts, pants as well as dresses. I carry sporty shoes for exploring, hiking, riding a bike, or making it down steep paths to remote beaches. Wedges and heels are for the date nights or an evening soiree

3 Basic Beach Essentials

In addition to the basics, or alterations based on the beach destinations, I always remember at least one hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. These three things are my must-have items while on a beach vacation. The hat will only keep the sun off the face and neck, but will also protect the hair. Sunglasses, in addition to protect the eyes can also add that dash of style to the look. And as for sunscreen, well everyone knows the drill. After all, we are at a beach to enjoy all it has to offer!

Stay in vogue while splashing at the beach.

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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