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I love to wear a watch and use it for function and also as a fashion statement. But it’s always hard to find the best of both worlds. My search for the perfect watch ended with JORD. When JORD contacted me over Christmas break and wanted to help me bring in the New Year with a new timepiece, I was elated. Wandering away from my blingy taste, I have been eyeing the wooden accessory trend for quite some time. But I couldn’t figure out how to fit something so rustic to go with my colorful wardrobe. Well, I’m actually amazed to see how my stunning JORD Wood Watch fit in so perfectly.

What I love most about this JORD watch is that it is classic yet edgy at the same time. It’s unique yet subtle enough to compliment most outfits in my wardrobe. It works well for a casual day out or a dressed up evening. It is automatic and runs on movement, meaning I never have to worry about having the battery changed. It is super light and the wood is incredibly comfortable against my skin. I love the subtle bling of the dial and view of the mechanisms inside.

What drew me to this stylish women’s wooden watch is the stunning color, modestly placed Swarovski crystals, and its peek-a-boo movements. It’s interesting the amount of confidence a lovely piece of jewelry can give. I wore my JORD wooden watch on my vacation to New Hampshire and it made me feel like a million bucks. The gorgeous turquoise was a pop of color in the otherwise snow-white landscape all around.

I’ve worn this watch in my entire trip, as it is super comfy and seems to match almost everything I wear. I’ve worn it casual and dressy and it worked well. This watch is exquisite and I love the versatility that it offers. It has a modern-day style, with a rustic feel to it. It’s a timepiece that is completely timeless, and I would recommend it to anyone. This would make a perfect gift and will make quite the impression.

JORD (pronounced as YOD) is Swedish-Danish word, which means earth. I really love the fact how JORD is trying to find a way to intermingle sustainability with fashion. JORD Wood Watches use only 100% natural wood, sustainably sourced from across the globe. Some of their current series of watches feature maplesandalwood,zebrawood, and koa. After reading more about their watches and their company, choosing to review one of their watches was a delight.

I checked their Cora series, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Zebrawood and Turquoise watch. The design is striking and attention is paid to every detail. The handmade luxury watch has natural zebrawood, a sapphire crystal glass and Swarovski crystal markers. A buckle with a push button is attached to the wood, making it easy to put it on and take it off. I was surprised by the lightweight of the watch as I anticipated it to be heavier. The part I love is that it requires no battery; the drive system is self-winding.

My watch arrived in a stunning cedar box with the logo ornately embossed into the top, which slides open. When I opened I found my stunning Cora secured around a soft cushion, embroidered with the word JORD. The watch, custom-sized before shipping, fit me perfectly. The packaging was as elegant as the watch itself. Honestly I couldn’t take my eyes off the moment I saw it. The box also included Microfiber Towel, Timepiece Face Cleaning Cloth, Watch Band Links with pin, Watch Wooden Jewelry Box with a pull out drawer.

As it’s nearly time to ring in the New Year, I thought what better way to do so than with a timeless JORD timepiece. I’m partnering with JORD Watches for a GIVEAWAY! JORD ship their amazing watches worldwide so the competition is open to all of my readers around the globe! All you have to do is click the link below to enter! You automatically will get 10% towards a watch of your own JUST for entering and the winner will receive $100 towards a JORD watch! The giveaway ends on January 14, 2018 so don’t wait any longer – go ahead and –> 

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This post has been sponsored by JORD. All opinions here, however, are my own. 

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The giveaway was a success!! Thanks for all the entries. 

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