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After a hectic week, weekends are like a breath of fresh air. So we make sure to have a relaxing weekend but also to make it count. Weekend is our therapy to let go and recharge our happiness. So mostly whenever we go to a new town, we make it a point to check out the parks. So one weekend Abhi came up with the idea of visiting Eden Park, which was just round the corner. As it happened to be a cold winter afternoon with few traces of snow, we decked ourselves up and got ready for a long stroll.

Eden is a lovely natural park in an urban setting with a terrific overlook of the Ohio River. We had to do a bit of walking to get from the parking lot we chose the park areas on the same side. It is a wonderful place to just chill and watch nature or admire the work of art. It was refreshing to enjoy the fresh air, the scents, the trees and the sounds of birds and animals that live there. All the more reason why we enjoyed so much in this beautiful surrounding even if the weather became much cooler and it snowed too. Days like this are all about enjoying the open skies, the trees and, of course the snowfall.

Mirror Lake is gorgeous with mystery art painted on the bottom (which I didn’t get a chance to see firsthand but A did) and the grounds surrounding it were pristine. While walking by the lakeside we realized it was frozen and glistening under the sun. A narrow passage with numerous trees forming a canopy was dreamy. Twin Lakes, as the name says it features two lakes, a footbridge, and an impressive view of the Ohio River and Kentucky. The views from the overlook are stunning which you really have to see for yourself. I found my comfy place next to another lake that burrowed under some trees. It was tranquility all around while watching and listening to the water gushing.

While it’s a big, sprawling place, we loved the paved paths that took us from one end to the other, and it feels a bit like going exploring, or on an adventure. Gorgeous snow covered trees, lovely bridges, tree house, interesting statues, and fantastic views – all linked by the pathways. Quite a little gem in Cincinnati and a perfect location for a stunning cityscape view. We only spent a couple of hours there at the park, and already been impressed by it. In a word, Eden Park is breathtaking and we had an incredible experience. We savored the air, slowed down to adore the beauty all around us. If you enjoy nature, or like exercising with scenic views, definitely plan to visit a park near you while the weather stays nice!

Go find a great little park to have a cute date and just walk around and talk 🙂 🙂

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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