The Perfect Fall Outing + Outfit

Fall is already heading towards playing its ending note. It might be a little sad to witness the sight of bare trees, yet the silver lining on the clouds is the advent of the holiday season. It is just a matter of time as the pumpkins in our decor get replaced by shiny glossy Christmas ornaments. Till then I can take pleasure in the golden days of fall as I see the leaves falling off one by one. Ohio in autumn is one of the most picturesque sights one can ever see. Photographs do not do any justice to the beauty of autumn. They can just capture a fragment of the endless beauty that is all pervasive here.

This time of the year calls for some serious travelling and what better than a weekend for a little getaway. But then a little part of me wanted to stay in bed and I blame the weather for it. How I love to watch the romantic rain showers. There is a Maple tree right outside my window and I can spend hours watching it as the raindrops wash away the grime and dust. Did I mention that it is bursting with orange leaves right now? I can finally feel the breath of the sweater weather, the foggy mornings and chilly nights. I wish it stays on forever.

Crisp air mixed with beautifully bold colors of changing leaves- it is impossible to resist falling for autumn’s impeccable charm. Last Sunday turned out to be quite run-of-the-mill. We went for a drive to Columbus and spent the afternoon driving down its fall leaves covered roads till sunset. Who would imagine that just a couple of hours of drive from Cincinnati can lead up to a place as lovely as this! The place was everything that makes a cozy autumn afternoon perfect.

As I write this blog post, it’s currently cloudy and cool in Cincinnati and I’ve turned my heat on. For some reason, doing those things made me so excited. It means fall is on its full glory, and it also means I can start bringing out more of my sweaters. I’ve been having fun putting together a different fall outfit here and there now that the weather is co-operating a bit more. From warm socks to cozy sweaters to perfect fall boots, mixing and matching pieces and colors for this season reminds me why I really do love fall. Blanket scarves also are coming back again and this plaid one is definitely one of my favorites!  

One thing I like to have plenty of in the house is a good, versatile sweater. I have been crazy about this white one lately, not only because it’s super soft and goes with everything but also as it didn’t break the bank. And to make this the perfect fall outfit, I paired my white sweater with a cute plaid scarf. As you know, plaid is one of those styles that undoubtedly screams “fall”. 

I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or what, but I just want to dress comfortably like all the time! You can call me basic, but this is how I’ve been dressing off late. A typical casual fall outfit first and foremost consists of a comfy sweater and this one is just perfect for that. It’s warm, loose fitting, and perfect white! Only a few days into fall and I’m already on a sweater craze. This time there was no summer to fall transition period, just straight into cold temps. So I’m just like- Give me all the sweaters NOW!!

What’s your favorite fall outfit?

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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