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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, while we’re in Munising, we took the Pictured Rocks Cruises. The cruise ship was packed as many other people also felt this was a great day for a cruise out on the lake. While we could have seen some of the painted rocks from the hiking trails, the only way to see them up close and appreciate them is from the water. That’s where the Pictured Rocks Cruise Service narrated tours fit in.

We took the Classic Cruise, that’s a 32 mile round trip excursion covering the colorful cliffs, interesting rock formations, sea caves, and waterfalls. Their Spray Falls cruise adds an additional waterfall to the itinerary and uses the services speedy catamaran ship. The Sunset cruise covers the same route as the regular cruise but late in the day.

We got there early to queue up for boarding, as they have first come first served kind of seating. If you’re like us and do love photography, here’s a great tip to make your cruise better. Sit on the right (starboard) side of the boat. That’s the side that all the rock formations will be on during the narration. If you sit on the left hand (port) side you will see the rocks closer on the way back, but it goes a little quicker and you won’t have anyone explaining what you’re looking at.

We asked the captain of the boat and he suggested that the best seat on the whole boat is the front right seat on top. Trust us and our photographs, it gives the best view. Not only for photos, but you can also watch the captain maneuver the boat! Pictured Rocks lived up to the hype, and we must say it was absolutely gorgeous! The water was calm and the wind wasn’t too terrible but the clouds were there and we did get stunning photos that we’re hoping for. The colors on the rocks, coming from all the different minerals were outstanding! The crew was fantastic, the narration was informative, and thus the trip was grand!

Another important thing to keep in mind is to dress in layers or to keep a blanket handy as it can get pretty cold. Bring gloves, hats, and layers of warm clothes if you take this trip in the fall.  You can buy your tickets online; the cost is $38 per person for the 2.5 hour cruise. There are restrooms on board and you can purchase sodas or water, and also bring your own snacks.

Here’s a pictorial tour of all the attractions that you’ll on the Pictured Rock Classic Cruise-

East Channel Lighthouse

With its weathered charm, and picturesque setting, this lighthouse was our favorite spot on the Pictured Rocks Cruise Tour. First constructed in 1868, this historic lighthouse stands at the southern tip of Grand Island, Michigan. As fascinating as the history of the lighthouse, was the life of the lighthouse keeper, who raised 12 kids in there!

Grand Island

Like a wilderness haven the island was beautiful and words and pictures do not do this justice. It must be seen in person and we wished that we had time to go on the island.

Miner’s Castle

The rock formation created due to erosion over long periods of time has given this place its name. A rock fall in 2006 dramatically changed its look as one of its two turrets unexpectedly fell into the lake.

Painted Coves

Another impressive part of the Pictured Rocks showing just how sheer and colorful these cliffs were 

Caves of All Colors

Aptly named, due to the beautiful and detailed colors on these caves. The coloration have occurred because of the mineral enriched waters cascading down the ancient sandstone rocks.

Lover’s Leap

Archways crafted by nature always make architectural features, and this one particularly was magnificent!  The point is known as “Lover’s Leap.”

Rainbow Cave

Perhaps the most attractive part of the Pictured Rocks cruise was being able to see the colorful streaks on the cliffs themselves juxtaposed with the chaos of rock formations resulting from erosion

Indian Head

Some formations are given names indicating what they resemble.  This is called Indian Head, and you can see why!!

Gull Rookery

A vertical descent from the top of the land to the waters of Lake Superior, it is distinguished for harboring seagulls.

Grand Portal

This part of the Pictured Rocks was the remnants of a huge arch known as the Grand Portal Arch. It was so big that fairly big boats used to pass beneath it. The arch collapsed in 1900. Looking back at the remnants of the massive Grand Portal Arch, which was still showing evidence of collapsing

Battleship Rocks

 Named for the cliffs that protrude out in a row and resemble battleships coming out of the shoreline.

Flower Vase

With a narrow base, wide top and trees on top, it’s an apt rendition of the name

Indian Drum

Three rock formations emerging from the lake at the base, and connected at the peak looks like a drum arrangement.

Chapel Rock

The shapely rock itself was the remnants of a much larger arch that collapsed 

Words are less to describe how splendid the Pictures Rocks Lakeshore is in its entirety. The whole experience with breathtaking views, the sounds of the waves, and the amazement of people on board; AMAZING is the word!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥



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