Road Trip to California

There’s no better way to see America’s vast, stunning landscape and rugged coastlines than on four wheels.

We were going to drive from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California and how. Although our initial plan was to spend a week driving the whole of California, a not-so-long weekend and no extra holiday made us cut our time of the trip to 3 days– enough to squeeze in an exciting road trip along the picturesque San Diego beach-line and back. California has splendid beaches where you could spend months driving around the state and not get bored. As there’s no point in cramming everything in one trip, so we selected the top few places because there’s always a next time.

Day 1 :  Explore “Sea World”

After having a very early breakfast at IHOP we hopped onto the car and reached Sea World without further delay. As Sea World is huge, an early start was needed so we could watch all the shows scheduled throughout the day and have time to see the amazing sea creatures. It was sunny but breezy kind of day, which did not bother us at all. It was overall an amazing and one of a kind experience. Killer Whale aka Shamu Show is always a draw at Sea World and it often makes a huge splash to drench everyone seated in the Splash Zone (first 15 or so rows). Amazing to see these beautiful animals in person and so close, although very controversial now. It was overall an amazing and one of a kind experience.

Day 2 : Moonlight Beach and Shoreline Drive

We fell in love with this beach the moment we stepped foot in it. From the long stretch of clean white sand, blue water, and the ochre sunset, there’s nothing not to love about the Moonlight Beach. It’s the perfect place to enjoy gorgeous seaside views, scrumptious sea food, and soul stirring nature’s music. On the second half of the day, we continued our drive throughout the shoreline.

Day 3 : Birch Aquarium and La Jolla

While driving around the scenic locales and viewing the cityscapes, we chanced upon Birch Aquarium. Since we were already high on Sea World, we thought of giving it a shot. It did not disappoint and more so because we had managed free passes, and we spent an hour there. We had lunch before heading to relax on the pristine Torrey Pines Beach in La Jolla, California. Towering, rocky cliffs form the backdrop of this stunning beach enclave, where we had a long walk and a few pretty pictures. A long walk on the beach is always romantic especially with the stunning cliffs, ocean views, and the vibrant sunset that screamed romance. Holding hands, feeling the sand under your feet, and soaking in the ocean views is a lot more charming than anything else. Furthermore, ocean sunsets are beyond gorgeous with the sun firing up the sky with vivid orange tones on the water is pure bliss.

That’s it, the trip is over. The last day is just for the drive from San Diego to Phoenix through the deserts and windmills. It took us 6 hours of pretty much non-stop driving (just a couple of stops for coffee and quick lunch). It was worth every bit to travel the wee bit of the West Coast of the United States, where the sun never stops shining.

How wonderful it is to roam the planet!!

So this weekend plan a perfect road trip and travel happy!!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥


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