An Ode To The Spring Blossoms

Though it was late, but finally Spring showed its glory in the city. The first flowers to carry the message of spring were the vibrant daffodils and magnolias. The weather in Cincinnati has been a little gloomy, but the silver lining to the cloud are the spring blossoms. Last week has been crazy busy blogging!! Now I’m back with another outfit post after receiving lot of compliments for my floral Spring dress.

There are three things I can’t get enough of in life – dogs, cupcakes, and florals! And obviously my husband, so I guess that makes four things. But if you were to step into my home, you’d automatically know that I live there. Fresh flowers are abundant everywhere, and they’ve made their way into my closet. What I love about floral dresses is how feminine they are. I’m such a girly-girl at heart, so I find them incredibly fitting for my personality. They’re so perfect for the season and I instantly feel cheery whenever I put one on.

Coming to the outfit, I just found the prettiest dress that had pretty blooms all over it. It was a great start to Spring I must say. I loved the idea of twinning with nature for once. I got this floral print pleated-sleeve sheath dress from NY&Co and embellished white flats from Charlotte Russe. I opted for this floral dress and beaded thong sandals just to go along with the Spring theme. This may be my favorite dress of the season. I am obsessed with the fabric and its lovely print. It also comes in navy-blue. I had been saving this dress for our spring adventure, and I am glad I did. It’s going to be one of my favorite dresses this summer!

I always loved the pictures of the cherry blossoms from around the world. This year I finally got the chance to see and enjoy the spring blossoms. It’s a medley of colors and oh so gorgeous; I cannot explain in words. It was our anniversary weekend and being nature-lovers, Abhi and I went to Withrow Nature Preserve and Glenwood Gardens. The lush green meadow and a boulevard of freshly blossomed flowers made a lovely sight. We lazed around all day sitting underneath the pink canopy. It was a fine day and we could catch glimpse of the cobalt sky through the branches.

The magnolias and the red-bud trees all around made the parks come alive after a long spell of winter. There was no way we would have missed it. We spent a blissful Saturday afternoon on a surprisingly quaint and secluded nature preserve. There were spectacular boulevards displaying serene green and lovely blooms.

Spring gives the perfect excuse to dress up like a candy, in all hues of pink and blue. After the cold and bleak winter finally the pink blossoms were a hint of much-awaited change. It’s the season when I can splurge on spring outfits, floral dresses, bare legs, cute shoes, and spring jackets. Floral Dresses are a must-have in spring and summer! Besides, there are so many ways to style it; be it classic, or girly, or even casual and laid back. And they go great with heels, wedges, and even ballet flats. Plus, a blazer or leather jacket on top for the classic look.

When spring hits, it brings with it feelings of hope, and also flowers, warm weather and more sunshine! As the city fades from its cold, grey, wintery self and starts becoming more colorful and lively, it really ignites something inside me. I also find spring to be one of the most inspiring times of the year! New ideas seem to flow freely and I find myself dreaming up new ideas for this blog, and searching new travel destinations. Let’s get inspired now, while keeping in mind that it’s less about what we wear and more how we wear it. Happy weekend you beautiful people and have the best time ever!

♥ Suchi ♥


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