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Early June brings many sweet things: warmer days, sunshine, barbeque… and fresh strawberries 🍓🍓
Ripe fruits picked fresh and eaten instantly — isn’t it one of our favorite pleasures of summer? We decided to get into the spirit of summer days and make some good memories by heading out to a few local farms to pick fresh strawberries. We both are strawberry lovers, so the chance to pick and enjoy them fresh is such a pleasure. Strawberry season is on and just because we live in a city doesn’t mean we can’t find awesome fields for strawberry picking around Cincinnati!

At the start of Spring, we made a small seasonal to-do list to get inspired and explore more of our local surroundings. So we decided to frequently take mini day-trips or find activities nearby to try out. This weekend Abhi & I decided to head out to Columbus and Kentucky to go strawberry picking, which obviously I was all over. We nibbled on the juicy red strawberries while we enjoyed the early morning sun on our faces. The weekend weather was especially perfect for strawberry picking. The temperature was unseasonably cool, and the cottony clouds painted a picture too.

There’s something about being out on a farm that brings me so much joy! It reminds me of my childhood spent on my grandparent’s house, which is where almost all of my memories growing up are from. My country home had the best garden with just about every fruit and vegetable you can imagine. In addition, they had paddy fields, mustard fields, pond where we would go fishing. Then there were cows, lambs, and countless dogs and cats that would somehow find their way there, but never leave. It was pure heaven! Picking fruits and vegetables always makes me feel like a little girl again on the ranch with all of my siblings and cousins, cracking open coconuts and trying not to get stung by bees in the garden.

We’ve always wanted to go fresh fruit picking and decided that this year we would finally do it. Prior to that, we did some research on local farms that offer strawberry picking. We first went to Hann Farms in Columbus, Ohio (2 hours outside the city), where the air smelled sweet and delicious. Rows and rows of vibrant red strawberries painted the horizon, and kids frolic and ate ripe berries to their heart’s content. Searching for the ripest and most delicious looking berries was totally thrilling and they were the BEST and the SWEETEST we’ve ever tasted. If we had to describe to you guys how they tasted like… we’d say they were so sweet that it tasted almost surreal.

We were so happy that we wanted to go strawberry picking yet again. It was then we stumbled upon a quaint farm out in Kentucky that offered u-pick strawberries. We made the hour-long drive out to the picturesque Red Barn Farms and it was just as I had imagined. We headed home with basket full of berries and started planning what we’d do with the strawberries… The following morning, Abhi surprised me with homemade pancakes topped with a few of them. And, we ended up making fresh juice and freezing the rest to add to smoothies for the rest of the week.

I love wearing dresses in the summer because I always feel more comfortable, especially on hot days. To go strawberry picking, I chose to wear this darling white embroidered outfit and I’m so glad I did. This dress was the perfect choice. It was, beautiful, comfortable and great for the high temperatures. Plus the compliment from the farm owner, “You are the best dressed picker this year” made all the effort worthwhile 🙂 

When picking strawberries, here are some ways to be prepared:

  • Ask local friends and family for suggestions of farms where you can pick your own strawberries.
  • Call or check farm website for hours, prices, and whether the strawberries are ready to pick.
  • Dress comfortably; as strawberries are usually picked in June, it’s likely to be a warm or hot day.
  • Bring essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a basket/container, and cool water.

Enjoy the little things as it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all!

🍓Abhi & Suchi🍓



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