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It’s officially February, which means it’s the month of love. But Abhi and I are the type of couple who feel Valentine’s Day should be celebrated not only in February but all year long. However, it is also nice to celebrate one day dedicated solely to the love of your life and the love you share together with millions of other couples around the world. I’m so lucky to have found a man like Abhi and to love and be loved the way we do.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to do something I very rarely like to do and that’s get personal. We are constantly asked by many about how we met. So I would like to share the story with friends and family since we didn’t meet conventionally.

It all started back in the winter of 2015. I was a working corporate living in Mumbai and Abhi was here in the States. There’s no chance we should have ever met under normal circumstances, right? Right. Actually, this story started through an online matrimonial site through which our parents decided that we both are suitable for each other. Yes! That’s right we never ever met before, never knew anything about each other. Strange as may sound now, I too wasn’t prepared for it entirely until we started texting.

I received a sweet message from him basically saying hello and that he was not a creeper. We then would text back and forth once in a while here and there for a couple of months. Shortly after our first “video chat”, things got pretty rosy. By this time, Abhi and I had been occasionally speaking too. It was clear that we were comfortable talking to each other, he was soft-spoken, shy, and a good listener. We had too many things in common and he made me smile and blush.

In the meanwhile our families met and decided on our engagement. And we realized it was high time that we should meet up. A few weeks later, we were both scheduled to be in Kolkata. We arranged to meet on the first day he arrived in India. And honestly, I cannot remember the last time I was that nervous. Cracking a job interview was a BREEZE compared to the nerves I felt before meeting Abhi for the first time. The butterflies were in full force. I will never forget the first time I saw him and I will never forget how hot and red my cheeks felt as I smiled. Our first “date” was so good, we hung out until late evening at a cafe just chatting and sharing a sweet dessert. In fact, the first “date” was really so good that we knew we cannot do without each other. And the rest is history.

Ten months and a new country later, we are still the same silly and lovey couple we have been since the beginning. I blush and get butterflies even when I see him coming home from work. That dorky smile still makes me weak at the knees, and I would do anything, literally anything, just to hear him laugh.

When I was a little girl I would dream about being in love with someone, as most little girls do, and this is exactly what I had envisioned only reality so far has exceeded those dreams. I am so happy I found someone who makes my heart feel full and pure. Happy Valentine ’s Day to my wonderful man and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds out there. Treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day!

♥ Suchi ♥


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