Tiptoeing Through 5 Million Tulips In Holland Michigan

Spring time means all things wonderful; oodles of sunshine, clear blue skies, and abundance of flowers.

But in Holland, Michigan it means Tulips.. Lots and lots of Tulips!! 🌷🌷🌷🌷

RAINBOW is the first word that strike us when we step foot in Holland, Michigan. It’s summer and the multi-colored tulips are in full bloom. Hundreds of gorgeous blooms line roads that lead to the spectacular tulip fields. The Holland Tulip Time Festival is a big deal, and we became one of the hordes of people descending on this Dutch town to enjoy it.

We visited the Veldheer Tulip Farm – one of the two most popular display tulip fields in the area. Veldheer seemed like a smaller operation than the nearby Windmill Island Gardens, but gorgeous nonetheless. The fields of tulips and daffodils against the backdrop of the quintessential windmills and barns offered beautiful photo opportunities. No wonder my colleague, Mindy recommended us to visit Holland during the Tulip Time!

Abhi and I spent a sunny Sunday morning wandering through the fields, and we loved the vibrant color of the blue sky against the colorful blooms. This day was a definite highlight of our trip to Michigan. The little town of Holland is home to dozens of tulip and daffodil fields during summer months. You will see them lining both sides of the road as you drive in and around Downtown Holland.

There is something about prancing around in a field full of tulips. I’ve gone flower crazy and I will not apologize for it!  A visit to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan was such a spirit-lifter. How do you stand amongst rows and rows of beautiful blooms and not beam with joy? Our little secret- We were the first ones to enter the field when it opened to have the whole place to ourselves before the crowd got there!  It was incredible being there prancing like two lovebirds in a fairyland with sun-beams playing hide and seek.  

Holland, Michigan is about 6-hour drive from Cincinnati but totally worth the drive. In our opinion, the Tulip Time Festival is the best way to celebrate spring. As soon as we got to know about the Tulip Festival, we made sure to mark the dates on the calendar. Since the blooming window for the tulips is very short and subject to weather conditions. Thank gracious, we made it out there on time and we were on a flower heaven. We stayed in a fabulous AirBnb apartment hosted by Michael, which added five stars to our stay in Michigan.

If you have ever seen aerial pictures of colorful tulip beds, you know what a sight to behold the rainbow stripes of blooms are. Imagine what it is like to tiptoe through 5 million tulips! Yes, you read that right, Veldheer farm boasts about planting 5 million tulip bulbs every year. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where there are tulip farms, then without a second thought, you should pack your family in the car and head off for a weekend of tulip twittering.

Truly one of the most magical experiences ever was driving through Holland and passing tulip field after tulip field. But don’t be fooled by our pictures – coz by noon the tulip fields were jam-packed with families and fellow photo-enthusiasts. Good thing that we did get a peaceful uninterrupted sight of the fields as we were early birds. Crowds aside, the Tulip Time Festival is a highlight of the Dutch town of Michigan, Holland. We certainly recommend all flower fans a visit to Holland this year or next.

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower~ Hans Andersen

🌷 Abhi & Suchi 🌷


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